Friday, March 25, 2011

How to debug silverlight webpart in sharepoint 2010.?

SharePoint Silverlight debugging in Visual Studio is not supported by default, due to Script debugging settings turned on. It means that you can’t set breakpoints and step into your code in VS if you are not deploying Silverlight controls via feature. Such functionality is supported when you host your SL project in external Web Project (another reason not to host in SharePoint during development)

To provide the SharePoint SL debugging capabilities you need to package your .XAP file in SharePoint Project (in VS) and deploy as a Feature. Such approach allows to enable “Siverlight Debugging” instead of client one, and step into your .cs code from Visual Studio 2010. This options is set from the VS IDE. Navigate to the SharePoint project properties –> SharePoint Tab –> click “Enable Silverlight Debugging”. That checkbox will activate the Remote Debugger and you will be able to debug SL hosted in SharePoint using Visual Studio 2010 (but you need to configure the Remote Debugger first, opening the firewall ports. On the 64bit windows you need to configure the x86 version of msvsmon.exe because the Visual Studio is x86)

Note: Debugging doesn’t work if you don’t have another instance of the the SL page opened in browser. Seems there is a bug resolving assemblies, because when you start debugging your solution might be re-builded , IIS restarts, thus remote debugger can’t attach to the right assemblies. To fix it just open another tab in browser, navigate to page with SL control you are debugging and only after that start debugging which will open the second instance of that page.

 Debug both silverlight and javascript together

Sometimes you need to debug both silverlight and javascript together, especially when you’re doing HTML bridge development where requests seamlessly pass between SL and JS

  1. Use Chrome instead of IE,
  2. Rig your SharePoint project to use Silverlight debugging,
  3. Inside Chrome press CTRL_ALT_J to open the javascript debugger, and use chrome’s SL debugger.